KOGI/BAYELSA POLLS: PRIMORG advocates free, fair, credible elections …Urges all parties to honour peace accord

The PROGRESSIVE IMPACT ORGANISATION FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, PRIMORG, a civil society group hereby advocates for a free, fair and credible election in Kog and Bayelsa states.
PRIMORG also urges all the involved political parties, candidates, umpires, electorates, youths among other stakeholders, to ensure they honour the provisions of the signed Peace Accord, so as to achieve an electioneering process that is violence-free.
The advice is coming as PRIMORG, within the few last days before Saturday the 16, observed pockets of violence within the two states involved.
There have been deaths recorded and scores injured over the unscrupulous activities of sponsored hoodlums/thugs in both states.
Even before the commencement of the elections, PRIMORG is aware of the cliché practice of politicians throwing shades at themselves, causing restiveness among vulnerable youths who are easily brainwashed into wreaking havoc on innocent electorates.
On the 12th of November, it was learnt that there was scheming by the Kogi State Government to shift the November 16 gubernatorial election.
Likewise, in Bayelsa State, until the last moments, cases involving party candidates are still in court and may give enough reason for umpires to deploy regular terminologies like Disqualified, Inconclusive or Re-run.
Also, the sought of politics practiced in Nigeria is seen as a distraction. In the past, key political analysts have opined that politicians come up with issues that have no socio-economic impact to the society and leave the minds of Nigerians filled with irrelevant debates while the corruption goes on.
Therefore, PRIMORG is on the side of Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, which said elections must hold regardless.
Also, we’re asking candidates to focus on key development issues that will change the lives of the masses and give Nigeria a good image in the eyes of our international observers.
With the aforementioned, PRIMORG is completely against the practice of violence, ballot-box snatching and any other associated criminal activity that would hamper a smooth election process, as the Organization has again, lent its voice by saying: “ELECTION IS NOT WAR” and to the voters: – “SAFETY FIRST, FLEE FROM VIOLENT-PRONE AREAS.”


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