Nigeria: Be Frontal In Tackling Corruption, Agbonsuremi Urges Buhari

May 19, 2021.

Public Conscience On Radio

President Muhammadu Buhari has been urged to be more firm and frontal in tackling corruption in Nigeria as his administration heads to its final two years.

The Executive Director of Progressive Impact Organization for Community Development (PRIMORG), Okhiria Agbonsuremi gave the charge Wednesday during a radio program, PUBLIC CONSCIENCE on Radio produced by PRIMORG in Abuja.

Agbonsuremi, while reviewing PRIMORG’s report titled: ‘Two Years of Fighting Corruption Through the Radio and Social Media’, frowned at the non-action of the government and anti-corruption agencies when investigative corruption reports are published by media houses, saying it was undermining the fight against corruption.

He said the picture presented today in the fight against corruption is not good, but believed that the president has two years in office to greatly advance the fight against corruption if only he put his feet down and ensure that corrupt elements are punished.

“I think the president has two glorious years outstanding which he can use to change the picture that we see today.

“We have not seen a government led by President Muhammadu Buhari that is frontal with tackling corruption. President Buhari can still put his feet down and the most important of them is to punish corruption.”

On the numerous neglected investigative corruption reports in Nigeria, He said: “At the level of the presidency, when media houses publish report corruption let there be action from the police, the ICPC, EFCC and if they don’t do it let there be someone else who will draw the president’s attention to it.

“I think President Buhari can do more within the years left to let us know he means the idea of fighting corruption, I must commend him for what he has done so far but he has not done enough to get all the kudos that should go to him,” Agbonsuremi noted.

He alluded that some government efforts in fighting corruption have assisted in taming certain aspects of corruption in Nigeria.

“The single treasury account for instance made it possible for government agencies to pay money directly into federation accounts and the government is also working hard to get a template for whistleblower law, to ensure people that blow the whistle are safe.”

Agbonsuremi, however, expressed delight in the fact that more citizens are beginning to key into integrity at the workplace. “We see cleaners returning forgotten monies and items these days, Federal Road Safety officers returning monies recovered at accident scenes and many more.”

Agbonsuremi also hinted that PRIMORG will continue amplification of corruption reports, revealing that PRIMORG’s mandate goes beyond anti-corruption campaigns.

“We are not set up to only fight corruption, we are pushing for good governance, we are also saying the cost of governance is high, we are talking about restructuring, citizens’ participation in elections, citizens holding leaders to account are all important to us.

“Public Conscience on Radio is continuing, we are optimistic we will get the support of our partners, the support of civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations we are working with, the public should also expect more from us,” Agbonsuremi stated.

Public Conscience is a syndicated weekly anti-corruption radio program used by PRIMORG to draw government and citizens’ attention to corruption and integrity issues in Nigeria.

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