Nothing about Amotekun threatens national security- Expert

By Amadin Idahosa

A Security Strategist, David Okoror, says the South West Security network, Amotekun, is not a threat to National Security.
Okoror who is the Director at the International Institute for Security
and Governance Studies, said after the establishment of Amotekun, even
the North-West, South East Governors lauded the initiative and proposed
to key into the idea.
He said the governors saw the concept as a viable strategy for internal
security which would comprise civilians, not armed forces, and simply to
support the other security agencies.
The Director was speaking in Abuja on Politics Extra, a development
radio program produced by the Progressive Impact Organization for
Community Development, PRIMORG, run every Tuesdays and Thursdays on Kiss
FM 99.9, Abuja
He noted that Amotekun can’t be illegal as the constitution doesn’t
restrict an individual from protecting himself/herself under danger.
Okoror said there are not enough policemen to protect the lives of
citizens, adding that over 1/3 of them are protecting the well-to-do in
society with less than 250,000 officers available.
He recalled the launch of the National Security Strategy by President
Muhammadu Buhari in December 2019, which prioritizes human security.
He, however, clarified that the idea of Amotekun was not that of the
South-Western Governors but that of the people.
The security outfit, he said, came up as a result of the failure of the
official security agency to secure the local residents from harm’s way,
as well as finding a lasting solution to security challenges in the
Okoror, said the south west residents could not sit and watch the entire
region slaughtered and brought to a standstill.
On his last note, the security strategist pleaded with the government
not to take actions that would further divide Nigeria, adding that the country
cannot afford any further division.
Amotekun, he said, has no negative security implication, that it should
be encouraged so Nigeria can regain its economic prosperity.

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