The Statistician General of the Federation, Dr. Yemi Kale has disclosed that he had  received threats in the course of his job from highly-placed public functionaries because the National Bureau of Statistics published figures that would not put them in the good books of development

Kale told the presenters of PUBLIC CONSCIENCE, an anti-corruption radio programme that the job of creating and providing data in Nigeria is one that does not permit the carrying of favor by putting out inaccurate figures to please any interest or individual.

The Statistician-General said that in any such situation, he had always stuck to his guns knowing that being true to his duty was more important for Nigeria than being induced by one highly-placed man or woman.

Kale who is one of the Idols of integrity singled out for the award by the Accountability Lab Nigeria advised Nigerians to hold on to their convictions since the nation can only grow from resistance to vice or undue influence.

The Statistician-General who confessed that he gets scared by pressures he receives from time to time said any man or woman who is determined to bring integrity into what they do would always hold their own and ignore the stubborn label likely to be foisted on them.

He said he got his current portfolio without lobbying for it about seven years ago when he was an adviser to the minister of budget and planning.

Kale intoned lack of pressure from the presidency in the performance of his duties since he was reappointed by President Mohammadu Buhari at a time the National Bureau of Statistics disclosed that the country had slipped into a recession.

The National Bureau of Statistics among other things, monitors and publishes demographic and economic indicators which are vital for national planning.

Public Conscience on Radio is a syndicated program produced by the Progressive Impact Organization for Community Development PRIMORG, with support from the MacArthur Foundation.

PRIMORG is registered as an NGO in Nigeria to promote good governance and improve democratic participation.



The Progressive Impact Organization for Community Development PRIMORG

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