Good governance and anti-corruption war: Civil society group canvasses for citizens participation

In the quest for good governance in Nigeria, especially through the deployment of some of

In the quest for good governance in Nigeria, especially through the deployment of some of the anti-corruption elements, a Non-Governmental Organization known  as the Noble and Great Patrons of Nigeria, has stated that there’s the need for active citizens’ participation in election/political processes for the attainment of good governance.

The Legal Adviser of the NGO, Barr. Stanley Dien, spoke on behalf of the Organization during a live broadcast of Politics Extra, a radio program produced by the Progressive Impact Organization for community Development, PRIMORG, in Abuja yesterday.

Barr. Dien said that for democracy to succeed, citizens need to participate. But unfortunately, he noted that Nigerians have failed to actively take part in the process, thereby, giving room for negative change to creep into the system.

He re-emphasized the need for the masses to get involved in mainstream elections as the law does not limit political positions or party Candidateship to the elites alone.

In his direct message to Nigerians, Dien declared that there is no room for complaints over failed leadership, as the ordinary citizen also possesses the right to form political parties as well as join existing ones for positive impact.

Briefing PRIMORG on the aim of the Organization – Noble and Great Patrons of Nigeria – the Barrister hinted that they exist to inform Nigerians that corruption is the major problem and an anomaly that is weighing the country down.

Also, he noted that, “The organization aims to create awareness on dealing with corruption and finding a common ground for all Nigerians with efforts to avoid elements like ethnic-religious differences, bigotry, among others factors causing division.”

On his last note,  the legal adviser called on citizens to speak out and to hold the government accountable, even if it takes protesting to get the point across for a positive result.

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